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Pavle Sabic is a creative director and business growth expert who has worked with clients and brands across the globe. His cross-cultural, creative approach focuses around individual and organizational cohesion of mind and thought.


As a Founder of Tellmemore Ventures, his unique business style galvanizes and inspires leaders from a wide set of background and professions. Based on a diverse professional background spanning seven industries (Technology, Music, Sports & Wellness, Film, Publishing, Finance and Hospitality) and a multi-cultural personality (worked and lived in London, Andorra, Dubai, NYC, Hong Kong etc.), Pavle's renaissance man insights in to creative business growth inspire and motivate, but above all produce results.   

Pavle's research and thought leadership has been published in WSJ, Forbes, and Financial Times with him appearing frequently on broadcast like CNBC. He is also an official Associate Partner of University of Edinburgh Business School and philanthropist working with global charities and associations.   



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