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Business Consulting

In the best organizations, success is fueled by openness, acceptance, compassion and above all cohesion across business units. Understanding the company brand and culture promotes a clear company vision, mission and ambition. 

However some organizations are their own worst enemies. Their teams focus on complaining, waste valuable  resources, expel energy on negativity and stretch the already limited resources. 


Pavle founder and CEO of TM2 Ventures, has worked with a wide variety of organizations in the US, Middle East, throughout Asia, Europe and South America to set their brand identity and culture. He has worked with tech start-ups, entertainment companies, non-profits, media companies, and professional service firms, to improve the business performance and outcomes of people critical to the organization’s success.

Personal Coaching

Every single one of us has the potential to change the world and be the best version of ourselves. Pavle believes that change in a person's life is possible no matter the age. Through the acceptance of our individuality, pursuit of self-expression and social cohesion, we give ourselves the opportunity to grow and thrive. Understanding the development needs of the individual within their unique situation, Pavle provides a confidential and supportive feedback-rich environment where clients can gain valuable insights and develop positive new behaviors.

Thought Leadership

Not implementing quality thought leadership is a major mistake that organization make in failing to maximize value throughout the sales process and commercial funnel. Moreover they are not able to create effective and emotive research to engage their existing clients to prevent attrition and churn. Presentations skills are an absolute necessity in today's noisy, data rich business world.

Pavle has helped organizations create, produce and execute industry leading webinars, research report, videos, thought pieces and presentations to capture the market's attention and help their clients lead with conviction. 

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